Planet Data
planet name= Georgia
planet= K class
scientific planet name= Thoria Kirzica, NG-221

planet rotation=it finishes one rotation every 45.5 human hours
planet axial tilt=straight.
atmospheric compound=55% Oxygen,30% Water vapor, 10% Nitrogen, 5% methane.
average surface temperature= 65 F
planet weights and measures=250,000 milesacross, at all angles.
planet language=primarily Kir or Thoric, but they have intgerated extraterrestrial language into conversations.
star society class=B
planet population=6.2 billion total living
planet anthem=Of all walks of life, of all evolutions,
we, and only we, possess this form. We shall not change it. We shall not hate it,
and ours is no better than any other.
planet motto                = none
planet currency             =Orinium crystals, and a creditary system (Thorans) barter, and trade (Kirzics)
planet productivity=95% employment, over 3,000,000.Orins(primary unit of Orinium) worth of goods are created every human hour.
planet imports=Metal, glass, spices, gold
planet exports=compound H2030Zn, otherwise known as Zinc-water. Meat, vegetables and beverages. Minerals.