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Unit sign Ge
Measure Mass
Base Unit El
Multiple of Base 1012
System HCM
Common usage Commonly used in communicating species "weight"
A bicycle is 1 Ge
SI 16.89 kilograms= 1 Ge
Imperial 1 Ge ≈ 595.78 ounce ≈ 37.23 pound
see also: El
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The Getrel a measurement of mass that describes a single hold of hydrogen with atoms spaced equidistant of each other. Developed by the Helics it is considered a standard in the Basilicus Weights and Measures system used by many interstellar civilizations in Basilicus Prime.

  • 1 Getrel is equal to 1,000,000,000,000 Els.
  • 1 El is equal to 1.686888 X 10^-10 grams


While a standard for smaller astronomical measurements, the Getrel is most often used to measure the average weight of a species. Especially when dealing with other civilizations, species will describe their weight as being 4 "Gets" a shortened slange for Getrels. On most written communication Ge is used to notate the mass.

Getrels are used to determine species weight more than other localized systems because it is not dependent on the gravitational affects of an astronomical body. A species "get" is the same in any environment.

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