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The Goddess Arnasia is a deity in the Authlanic Pantheon. According to Authlanis mythology, Arnasia and Denia were immortals and lovers. Arnasia had the y'ton of Perpetuating Mortal Procreation and Denia had the y'ton of Keeping Mortal Life at Reasonable Durations. They became a symbol to many Arnasia civilizations of true balance: procreation balanced by duration. It was considered by most the only thing the Cosmos did perfectly right.

The time came, however, when the Cosmos compiled their notes and instigated the Remodeling of Reality, a correction of all the trial errors they had produced. During this period, Denia was given a new y'ton. All dead people who, for whatever reason, did not come back in another physical or spiritual form, were to remain in a secret place until the Cosmos could figure out what to do with them. Having the y'ton of Keeping Mortal Life at Reasonable Duration, Denia was given the responsibility of watching these lost souls in this place until the Cosmos came and lead them to their ultimate destination.

Arnasia's heart was broken and she cursed the Cosmos for taking her husband away from her. Since the place was secret, she was no longer able to know where her husband was. She renounced her y'ton to begin searching for her husband, understanding the consequences of becoming mortal.

Arnasia traveled far into the north to the Sea of the Deities where she went into the Caves of Solitary Thought to find the source of all fire, the Hilrah. She built a lantern with the Hilrah and spent two hundred forty-four beats building a Skyship. With the lantern attached to the ship she was able to cast light over all the earth to make her search for her husband easier.

Arnasia did not realize that by doing this, she developed the new y'ton of the Light Bringer, as the Cosmos had intended. Each time she woke, Arnasia took off in her ship from the Horizon, where Denia and she used to live, flew all over the earth shining her lamp over the land and blew out her lamp to go to sleep. In this way, the Cosmos corrected the mistake of Perfect Darkness.

Although the perfect couple was separated, Arnasia still promoted procreation and Denia still promoted duration. They remain the symbol of balance, but their symbolism has deepened. Now they are imbalances balanced by imbalances and it is all regulated in perfection by The Way Things Are.