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The Great Mihim War was started in the 12 BMW by the Mihims that come from the same system as the
Battle of Henalus

The Battle of Hendalus

Hendals.There were four habitabile planets in the Uwania system : Andelus,Zehelus,Hendalus and Mihimlus.On all four planets there were Republics that ruled its own planet.After The General Conspirasy the Mihims had a great weapon in their possession.First they destroyed the planet Zehelus because of it's abundance of forests and rivers.Andelus and Hendalus tried to fight off but Andelus was too destroyed.After Andelus was destroyed in 1 BMW Hendalus fought breavely for one year but it was also destroyed.Many years later even when the Mihims were destroyed in the Battle of Enadalus some survived and came back to Mihimlus.
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