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Grey Wolf Tower

Rough Image of Grey Wolf Tower

Grey Wolf Tower used to be the luxurious home of Davin Courte, a noble that used to oversee the Province of Lesav around the beginning founding of the Eternal Empire from 4 AFE-57 AFE. It was given to Courte by Eternal Emperor Hunter I after his army conquered the city of Arcem and the area around it. The tower was named Grey Wolf Tower because Davin Courte was an experienced hunter, usually going after grey wolves in the forests on Jagga.

Now, the tower has been converted into a military base, home to the 3rd Marine Battalion, led by Command Marshal Centyl Orum. Because their base is called Grey Wolf Tower, the 3rd Marine Battalion earned the nickname, "The Wolfpack". The tower kept its original features when it was converted into a military base; however, some of the rooms were renovated, such as Davin Courte's bedroom, and have been converted into rooms that suited the building's new purpose, with Courte's bedroom turning into Orum's command center. Of all the military bases of the Imperial Military, Grey Wolf Tower is one of the more unique bases owned by the military.


Grey Wolf Tower was created by Jaggan architect Jacen Jacorum. Jacorum was hired to build numerous buildings and was even tasked to build the entirety of Hunter City. Grey Wolf Tower is one of his most famous works. Forty stories high, Grey Wolf Tower is made mostly up of stone. The big archway at its entrance is about ten stories high, allowing the entrance of military vehicles and even starships for the 3rd Marine Battalion. The pyramid at the top of the tower is completely made up of pure aurosium, a mineral very valuable in the Eternal Empire. 

Inside the tower is a huge spiral staircase along the walls of the tower that leads up to the top of the tower. On the sides of the staircase are hundreds of rooms, now used as either a storage room, an armory, a command center, or a barracks. At the top of the tower is the main command center, where Command Marshal Centyl Orum and his officers discuss tactics and current issues regarding their specific unit. Other than that, they mostly talk about logistics.