Common Attribution: Grum

Categorical Attribution: Grumitte floresiensis

Evolutionary Star System: Ghrall

Evolutionary Planet: Gumtoll

Star Systems of Prominence: Ghrall

Population Data: 85 million

Civilization Class: C


The Grum are a bipedal semi-aquatic warm-blooded race . They feed and mate in the oceans of their planet but they live and settle on land . Their civilization started roughly 10,000 years ago and has only just entered the Age of the New Kingdom . They are an aggressive race that have had a lot of internal conflict between the Kingdoms, main disputes are started by religion, land, money and power . All Kingdoms are ruled by Monarchs and they believe them to be sent from their gods to protect the land . There is a race going on between all Kingdoms to claim the newly discovered Land to the south of the planet .

Physical Characteristics

The Grum are a short race, standing on average at 1.1 m. They have short arms and legs but this body shape allows them to swim at speeds that can approach 90MPH . The Grum have large jaws that are used for breaking skulls or other hard objects. They are a scaly species with scales covering the entire body.

Evolutionary Analysis[]

Not much is known about the Grum before recorded history that stared 3,500 years ago

Biological Analysis[]

Grum are bipedal semi-aquatic warmblooded and are covered in thick scales, they have 4 digits on each hand including thumbs witch lead to them build and crafting remarkable things . They are a highy agile race that can run at speeds of 35MPH easily and thay can swim at speeds of 90MPH . There have large brains and are very logical thinkers yet there creative side shines also .

Ecological Analysis[]

The Grum live in an extremely hot climate sometimes reaching 3800 STE . They have evolved to adapt to the weather like most species on the planet .

Sociological Analysis[]

The Grum are a violent race yet they have interest in econmics also . There main conflicts are usually caused by Religion, Land Money and power . The Grum people are split into several Nations known as Kingdoms, all Kingdoms have ruling Monarchs yet the people have power also . Some Kingdoms have made allainces with each other and heavey trade acours between them but many Kingdoms  are also at war causing some Kingdoms to be very Rich and others to be very Poor .


List of Grum Kindoms

The Imperial Kindom

The Blue Empire

The Jarka Kingdom

The United Grum Kindom

The Kingdom of Hark

The Kingdom of the Royal Tribeiunal

The Kingdom of Victutor

The Empire of the Star

The Kingdom of Kasnui

The Kingdom of Garlu

The Mighty Dunmar Kingdom

The Elder Kingdom

The Empire of Haruio