The Guardian Order are a truly ancient institution in Hexarian society, going back thousands of years to the Elvan Empire. Its members are known as Guardians; elite peacekeeping agents that work to protect Hexarians and their interests. Their weapon of choice is the Staph.


Elvan Guardian

A Republic-era Guardian. Note the signature katamantine shoulder-pad and Elvan Guard rank-badges (Guardians held a rank in the 'Guard at the time)

One of the oldest Hexarian organisations (second only to the Prefect Order), the Order was formed by one of the Great Mages in the late first millennium of the Elvan Empire; Mage Sabarah of the Psyche. She was a pioneer of early investigation into extrasense abilities and founded the Order to put this knowledge into positive practice, as well as protect people from its misuse. The first building of the Order was the Tarraloth Shrine, but it soon expanded to have Shrines all across Alutai.

Originally, Guardians were not taught any skills of combat and specialised in applying their extrasense techniques outside of conflict situations. But with the social upheaval brought by the threat of the Brigand Dragons, the Guardians began developing solutions to overcoming the large aggressors. Adopting the unarmed self-defence methods of the Umar Clan, they went on to develop their own style of combat; with heavy reliance on their extrasense and telekinesis.

Later, with the arrival of the Kvorn, the Order began to field an array of specialists that extended to swords and spears, combining the Elvan Guard's combat methods with their own techniques. By the Republic era, the Guardians had evolved into the elite protectors more familiar today. They have changed little since then beyond their equipment; the modern Guardian generally uses the Staph and an Inertial Energy Field in place of bladed weapons and katamantine shields. They remain one of the most traditional and culturally recognisable elements of the Hexarian Star Republic.


The Order's hierarchy is headed by a council of Guardian Masters (as with most Hexarian titles, this is regardless of gender), with one of them nominated as spokesperson to represent them in the United Assembly at any one time. Below the Masters, are the Guardians themselves. Numbering barely two thousand in all, they are the bulk of the Order's active body. Guardians-in-training rank below these and are known as Acolytes. When their training is near completion, they are typically attached to a Guardian for a period of a year or more.

Equipment and Methods[]

Guardians are equipped with the extending, non-lethal polearm called the Staph. They also utilise an Inertial Energy Field, an invisible shield which provides protection against objects with high velocity by nullifying their momentum. Many Guardians also use plasma weapons as a supplement; typically a wrist-mounted device, but occasionally conventional holstered pistols.

They typically operate in sensitive domains or against targets of extreme difficulty, where their ability for non lethal take-downs and persuasive diplomacy can move obstacles no other Hexarian operative could.