The content of Basilicus is restricted to a GFDL license, its contributors are bound by national and international laws, and the users are expected to follow the site's Terms of Service. This site can be a source of creative power, a toolbox for developers and artists of all kinds, an in-depth sociological experiment, a science project, a virtual reality, and collaborative fiction machine. To reach that end, the creators do not wish to restrict contributor's creativity beyond what the law and licensure permits. However, to ensure a certain level of quality, consistency, accuracy, and comprehensibility, the Basilicus Convention was derived. This simple set of statements is designed to keep the community on the same general path and keep a consistent level of quality throughout the site. Although this convention is certainly not mandatory, it is the preferred way to handle contributions.

Please respect the spirit of the community and do your best to uphold these statements.

As a Basilican I will, to the limit of my ability:

  • write clearly and accurately in whatever language I choose to use
  • keep concepts as accurate with history, geography, science, theory, or mathematics as possible or when applicable
  • respect the contributions of others
  • use the recommended format and information requested from world-building articles
  • not contribute illegal, unethical, offensive, explicit, or profane materials
  • keep existing content consistent (don't contribute something that nullifies, contradicts, or ignores existing contributions without changing them to fit the new contribution)
  • allow content to evolve (if someone changed your content, consider keeping it before simply changing it back)
  • correct errors as they are found
  • notify the administrator of any spam, graffiti, etc

Thank you for upholding the Basilicus Convention and we hope to see your high quality, creative, unique and empowered contributions for years to come.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.