Building organizations is a work in progress. A basilican is actively working on the article and more content will be added on an ongoing basis until complete.

Anything is possibleEdit

Although Basilicus has (or should have) guidelines for nearly everything, the main thing to remember is that Basilicus is a fictional setting - anything goes, if it is explained properly. The only appropriate opposition to any work on Basilicus is that it was someone else's idea. In reading these guidelines, remember that they are only guidelines, and you are free to create a create made of purely empty space if you can explain how it works.

Definition of OrganizationEdit

Organizations are groups of individuals that usually share the same goals (Although there may be dissidents) and follow the same guidelines (Although there may be rebels).

Basic Guidelines to describe a organizationEdit

Common nameEdit

How the organization is called.

Self referred nameEdit

How the organization call itself (if it is not how it is commonly called.).


The goal(s) of your organizations, anything between "Endless Bliss to the entire universe" to "Complete destruction of the entire universe".


How the organization was created.

Proeminent MembersEdit

Some members of the organization.

This is only a basic build. Feel free to add things you think that belong.

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