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Anything is possibleEdit

Although Basilicus has (or should have) guidelines for nearly everything, the main thing to remember is that Basilicus is a fictional setting - anything goes, if it is explained properly. The only appropriate opposition to any work on Basilicus is that it was someone else's idea. In reading these guidelines, remember that they are only guidelines, and you are free - even encouraged - to create something far outside the norm, if you can explain how it works.


Since Basilicus Prime is set in the future, there are probably hundreds of new technologies that were created to surpass the obstacles of interstellar life. If you want to describe one of those groundbreaking technologies, have in mind two things.


Why the species that created the technology bothered to do it in the first place? Ex: "They wanted to harvest Hardiniun, the hardest rock in the galaxy, so they built a atom disassociator that could disassiate atoms."

How it worksEdit

How the technology works? Ex: "The graviton/ antigravitonic drive expands the time space continuum in front of the ship and shrinks it behind, allowing the ship to use the very fabric of the universe to propel itself forward." Be prepared to explain your technology's functioning to skeptics.

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