World Building is the act of creating fictional settings in various genres for use in stories and media. While it is often considered rooted in Science Fiction and Fantasy genres, World Building is also sometimes necessary in historical fiction, mythology, and even literary genres. No matter how realistic the setting, a certain amount of fictional construction is necessary to create a three-dimensional background.

Basilicus uses worldbuilding as a primary tool for creating settings. Following are a list of helpful articles geared for particular levels of worldbuilding. All of these articles not only provide insight on how to create various levels of a setting, but also dictate the preferred format for doing so on this website. It is important that users utilize a standard format for articles so they can be easily indexed and accessed.

In addition to creating new worlds and settings, users on this site can actively contribute to existing worlds and settings. In fact, the method that makes Basilicus so strong is that many minds can create more detail than only one. It is imperative, however, that contributors also review these articles to ensure their contributions fit within the structure. Additionally, contributors should ensure that any changes or contributions made do not conflict with existing content. If it does, the contributors must change all affected content so there is no longer a conflict (see The Basilicus Convention).

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  • Khoras: The World of Khoras
  • Kramxel The world of Kramxel

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