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World Building is the act of creating fictional settings in various genres for use in stories and media. While it is often considered rooted in Science Fiction and Fantasy genres, World Building is also sometimes necessary in historical fiction, mythology, and even literary genres. No matter how realistic the setting, a certain amount of fictional construction is necessary to create a three-dimensional background.


Editing FAQEdit

1 Questions specific to Basilicus

1.1 How do I make my place article a category?
1.2 Is it important to list a species' lifespan on the article about that species?
1.3 What's a Rannellan?
1.4 Where's this missing part of Basilicus I keep seeing references to?
1.4.1 Gnarus Arcani MCMXLVII
1.4.2 Project 1947
1.4.3 Vessels of Gold and Silver Roleplaying Forum
1.4.4 RPG Basilicus
1.5 How do I make that dotted ä in the word Skäetr?
1.6 How do I convert between earth measurements and Basilicus measurements?
1.7 What is all that stuff under Work in Progress?
1.8 What are the rules for making class A species?

2 General wiki questions

2.1 Do I have a user page?
2.2 How do I sign a talk page?
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