The most numerous species in the entire sector. Het-Phritti’s own the richest concentrations of ores and fuel in the sector. In addition they are commonly explorers, workers, and traders on many different planets.

Home Planet[]



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The Het-Phritti are of normal size with white to brown skin colors. Humanoid bipedal creatures.



Rule by the proletariat, the workers, or the working class. Examples of ergatocracy include communist revolutionaries and rebels which control most of society and create an alternative economy for people and workers. The Het-Phritti leaders are in charge of managing production and individual worker happiness. Working conditions on Het-Phritti ships and colonies is significantly better than most.

Level of technology[]

Het-Phritti rely on their technology to do particular tasks. Their ships are usually highly specialized for one task, such as mining or transporting cargo. They have some of the best maps available in the entire sector due to their highly advanced star mapping techniques. Het-Phritti ships typically run on anti-matter fuel rods but it is not uncommon to see other types of drives.

Mobile Ship Factories; Massive constructs of energy and metal. These large ships have the ability to mine ore, or have supporting ships that can mine for them, and can then fabricate it into ships that it can construct in their inner hangers.


The Het-Phritti make up a very significant part of the sector's labor force and production capabilities.

Zunier Shipyard[]

The Zunier Shipyard is a hollowed out moon that produces many ship materials. It's a common place for traders and merchants of all species to refuel and repair.