The Hexarian system of dates is denoted in relation to the eras of its largest civilisation. There are four ages in the Hexarian timeline: MF, RF, NF and AR.



Mikaro Fandarya, or Pre-Empire, is the only backwards-counting era. It was retroactively put into place on the founding of the Elvan Empire, going backwards from that date.


Ranu Fandarya, shortened from Years Empire, are the years following the founding of the Elvan Empire. They are spoken as X Years Empire. The era lasted for exactly 2128 Hexarian years.


Niumo Fandarya, or Post-Empire, is the era of the Elvan (and later Hexarian) Republic. This era lasted for 1022 years.


Aludaldorus Ranzuna, or Star Republic Era, is the current Hexarian age; marked by the transition from the Hexarian Republic and colonial states into a unified interplanetary nation: the Hexarian Star Republic.

The current Hexarian year is 371 AR.

Annual Calendar[]


The Hexarian year consists of eight months of exactly 32 days: grouped into four pairs each known as Quarters. These are:

First Quarter[]

  • Autelle
  • Kotukar

Second Quarter[]

  • Yantelle
  • Zintukar

Third Quarter[]

  • Heknar
  • Boruran

Fourth Quarter[]

  • Seitukar
  • Nosumos

Note that the Hexarian definition of a year is based entirely on planetary rotations, and is actually 0.998 revolutions around Dejenna. Due to lack of seasons, the day-based definition is considered more useful as solar positioning is largely irrelevant to most Hexarians. But to differentiate the two, 256 planetary rotations is known as a Hexarian Year, while solar revolutions are known as a Dejennan Year.