Emblem of the Hexarian Echelon

The Hexarian Echelon is the space-based defence force of the Hexarian Star Republic. It exists to:

"Defend the Hexarian Star Republic and her people from all external dangers; and to ensure the safe & unimpeded passage of all friendly spacecraft to and from her planets, moons & stations."


The Echelon's headquarters are located at Echelon Base on Hexar's first moon, Parriphenos. Its leader is known as the Echelon Commander. Below them is the Star Admiralty, a board of several dozen senior naval officers that are head of what's known as an Arm, such as:

  • Star Command Arm : Overall command of the Echelon's fleets
  • Star Defence Arm : Command of the Dejenna Fleet, defence of the Dejenna System and the base on Parriphenos.
  • Tactical Arm : Tasked with research and development, and forming master strategies
  • Planetary Defence Arm : Command of forces charged with planetary defence duties
  • Surveyor Arm : Fleets created with the sole purpose of exploration and information gathering
  • Logistics Arm : Staff and resources charged with running the Echelon itself