Emblem of the Hexarian Star Republic

The Hexarian Star Republic is a multi-planetary republic located in the Kasperion Sector of the Sovlicar Arm of Basilicus. It is the successor state to the Hexarian Republic; formed when it merged with its descendant colony worlds to form a single, unified government. The HSR is primarily populated by Hexarians, with other races making up approximately 10% of the total citizenship.


The Star Republic is led by President T'rim. She is the nominated head of the Council, which in turn presides over the United Assembly. The government is centred at the Five Tower Garden in Donimor, Hexar.

The Star Republic's style of government in comparison to other races is typically described as overly supportive and intervening; although they are known for a lack of strict regulations, due to a strong cultural belief in 'common sense'.


As a generally pacifist people, it comes as no surprise that the HSR has no army to speak of. Their space defence force, the Hexarian Echelon, typically fulfills all military duties. The Echelon sometimes makes use of ground forces in the form of mechanical troops, but the Star Republic is overall loathe to engage in ground warfare and disinterested in squabbling over planetary resources with other races.

In space, however, they are an entirely different creature. Hexarians are keen spacefarers and will press the advantage they have there at every opportunity. Elsewhere, their natural swiftness makes them dangerous assassins and skilled fighters. However their bodies are not especially hardy and the high sustenance makes them ineffective soldiers en masse. Occasionally the ancient Guardian Order is called upon to mediate affairs face-to-face or even engage in espionage and insurgent tactics on hostile worlds.


The HSR is one of the major powers of the Kasperion Sector, close allies of the Estari and the Homar's New Alliance. They are frequently at odds with the Shikkar Federation and Ralarian Cartel, but remain cordial with the often antagonistic Ocavian Dominion. They have fought the Kvorn race for millennia and continue to come into conflict with the New Kvorn Empire even in the modern age.

Beyond the local sectors, the Star Republic is ever curious but (like many of the small Kasperion empires) go mostly un-noticed in Galactic politics. On occasion they have drawn the attention of the Helics for their fine shipcraft and dedication to science and peace.