Homeworld Hir'stenda
Language Hir
Average Height 9.9 MDU
Skin Color Greenish Gray
Hair Color White/Gray
Eye Color White
Distinctions Large Vertical Pupil

Slits for Nose

Four Arms

Famous Members Kayr'yln Nokow

Ra'zn Tinsa

Ois'ul Unac

The Hir'sten are a species of humanoids from the planet Hir'stenda.The Hir'sten are very cunning and crafty creatures. They are most notable for their founding of the InterGalactic Trade Alignment. They have very tight greenish gray skin, which seems as though it is cracked, and dry. This is actually their blood vessels showing through the skin. They have four arms, two of which protrude immediately below the last rib. The hair that they do have forms a thin ring around the crown of the head, which is usually covered in an ornate headcovering, males and females alike. They walk with a graceful and slender elegence. They are know to wear long flowing robs with intricate designs weaved into the fabric.