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Common Attribution: Homar

Categorical Attribution: Homon capuli

Evolutionary Star System: Hom System

Star Systems of Prominence:

Population Data: 15 billion

Largest Civilisations:

Civilization class: Type B: Interstellar Society


Homar are tall, mammalian bipeds with round faces and large rounded ears. They are a hardy species, highly adaptable and able to survive without food or water for days or weeks. Their average lifespan is roughly 50 GY.

About 90% of the Homar species live within in the jurisdiction of the Homar Imperium or the New Alliance. The rest are scattered about sparsely populated independent or non-unified worlds. Although these worlds are generally inhospitable, the ongoing strife between the two major superpowers has been a significant factor in them retaining their independence.

Evolutionary History[]

Homar are descended from the ancient Manu, a larger version of the modern tree-dwelling Manu. They are also one of the many sentients of the Kasperion Sector that are thought to have inherited some of their genes from the hypothetical Aiju race.


Homar stand an average of 10-11 MDU tall and have a wide variety of skin tones ranging from pale tan to near black. They have rounded features and thick wool-like hair on their heads; some males also have hair on their limbs. Their blood is based on Hemoglobin and is dark red in colour.


Homar are a hugely varied species, but their psychology is fairly straightforward. They also have a minor potential for psyionic abilities, although this is almost never tapped without intuition from others such as Estari