HomImp flag

Flag of the Homar Imperium

The Homar Imperium is the largest Homar state and one of the largest empires of the Kasperion Sector. It is the successor state of the Six Worlds Republic, when the Senate was dissolved by Marshall Junders and the Homar Patriots.

The Homar Imperium is currently at war with the New Alliance in what is known as the Seventh Homar War.


The core of the Homar Imperium is Planet Coradyne, in the Coradyne System. Despite its despotic nature and Imperium name, the leader of the Homar Imperium is known simply as the Protector. Governmental control is maintained democratically, between two parties; however both of these are controlled by the Homar Patriots.


The Homar Imperium's military is split into a number of divisions:

  • Imperium Marine Corps : Planetary and space infantry forces
  • Imperium Air Corps : Planetary fighter & bomber forces
  • Imperium Naval Corps : Interplanetary space forces
  • Imperium Special Ops : Covert and propaganda forces

Overall the Imperium's military is seen as an efficient, often ruthless machine that are tenacious in attack and stalwart in defence. However, while they are keen to advance their military technology, it is still often some way behind the older alien races of the sector.


The Homar Imperium is a greatly xenophobic state and has had poor relations with most of its neighbours. It will occasionally ally itself with the Shikkar Federation, for reasons not always clear. By extension of this, the Imperium will even permit cooperation with the Kvorn, although are distasteful of them. They are known to deal extensively with the Ralarians in arms and munitions, though officially they deny any relations.

They are at war with the New Alliance over the ownership of Eprise. They are often found in conflict with the Hexarian Star Republic, Estari Collective and to a lesser extent the Ocavian Dominion.