Common Attribution: Huggies

Categorical Attribution: Those danged varmints

Evolutionary Star System: Flark System

Star Systems of Annoyance:

Population Data: 25 billion

Civilization class: Type B: Interstellar Society


Huggies are bipedal, primarily hairless(except armpit hair and a large mono-brow) mammals that were genetically created originally on the asteroid Krar 5, in the Chav asteroid cluster in the Flark system. Their civilization started roughly 3020 years ago and evolved to the Information Age before they were exposed to interstellar society.

They are an annoying people and have a long, violent history of warfare ranging from invasion to economic conflict. Intentionally self-destructive, Huggies care little for their resources or social wellbeing. They are imperialistic in nature, but manage to balance themselves with a crude form of representative government.

Huggies are currently being chased through the galaxy by the Ednardians and the Kras because they said that look like their own poo.

Evolutionary Analysis[]

The species started in its earliest state about 3300 GST. The first versions didn't live very long. However, eventually the Huggie was perfected, resulting in a 6.1 MDU tall annoying lump. The Huggies have always been technologically advanced.

Huggies are the only sentient species on Krar 5. Their inquisitive nature and high level of stupid thought has given them technological supremacy over the planet. Huggies are unequipped with natural weapons.

Biological Analysis[]

Huggies are bipedal mammals that are primarily hairless, except in small quantities and in concentrated locations. They have two arms and two legs with anatomical symmetry throughout their body frame. Three digits on each limb but their legs and arms are pathetic. They have a dorsal fin and instead of an actual body, they just have a head. Huggies are detrivious, warm-blooded, endoskeletal and reproduce through cloning.This means that there are no females, no reproductive organs, no sexual arousal to women, and no sense of sexism.

Ecological Analysis[]

Huggies evolved in a temperate climate. Flark is a small Class G star that is young enough to support life in its system. Asteroid Krar 5 underwent a greenhouse effect early in its evolution, producing ripe conditions for life systems. The asteroid is tilted on its axis so the surface goes under regular climate seasons and weather patterns.

Huggies live primarily in the tropical regions of Krar 5, because they couldn't be bothered to go anywhere else.

Huggies aren't very adaptable with their constantly changing climate. In addition to changing seasons, every twenty thousand years the asteroid changes its magnetic poles. Geologically speaking, this Polar shift should be occurring at any time and the Huggies have no idea if they are prepared for this event, but based on historical adaptability, the species should be resilient.

Sociological Analysis[]

Huggies are an aggressive, war-loving species, who have widespread hate for people who like them. Many powerful centers of Huggies Civilization regularly make fun of other species.

Huggie society works like this:

1 Huggie master

25 Huggie kings

25 billion HuggieS

Game Mechanics[]