Ikinurin A
Ikinurin A

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Named after Ikinurin
Alternate name(s) Ikinurin, Home World
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Satellites 3 - 2 Natural, 1 Man-Made (Apophis)
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Proper orbital period 124 Earth Days
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System Ikinurin
Star(s) Ikinurin
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Terrain(s) Green
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Affiliation Ikinurin Council
Language(s) Ikinurin
Native species Ikinurins
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Population 4 Billion
Largest city Shona
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Currency Ikinurin Dollar
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Ikinurin A is the largest planet in the Ikinurin System, at about half the size of Earth. It is the most populated planet, and is the home world of the Ikinurins, before they settled the uninhabited Ikinurin B, C and D. The planet is almost completely covered by the huge city of Shona.


With a population of 4 Billion, and its small size Ikinurin A is densely populated, and there is very littled greenery and natural terrain.

Food is mainly grown on other planets, and imported to Ikinurin A, as the other planets have a much smaller planetary populations.

Nearly 95% of the planet is covered by land, and 90% of that land is covered by city.


Ikinurin A is the financial centre of the System, with all the large corporations based on planet. Much of the materials and food are imported from other Ikinurin colonies throughout the system, and the many asteroids which are mined throughout the system, such as that that Apophis is built on.


The Rapid Transport System transports citizens around Ikinurin A, using Shuttles at various Rapid Transit Stations around the planets city. The main space port, K'Loak Space Port is located in the central district of Shona and transports cargo and passengers to the systems many other planets.


The Ikinurin Council governs all planets in the system, and a representative from each planet is present at the station.


The Ikinurins do not believe in religion as they believe it gets in the way of their true purpose of Science and Technology Development, and religion is officially outlawed by the systems council.