The Ikinurin Council (IC) is the governing body of the Ikinurin System. The IC governs all planets, and a representative from each planet is present at Ikinurin Station the IC's capital located in between Ikinurn A and Ikinurin B.

Ikinurin Station[]

The Ikinurin Station is the IC's capital, which is located stationary between Ikinurn A and B. It is a large space station which houses the Ikinurin Council, the High Lords Quarters, the headquarters of Council Agencies, Housing for workers, engineering bases, refuelling stations, Technology and Research Facilities, and shops and businesses.

Council Departments and Agencies[]

  • Department of Health
  • Department for Economy and Industry
  • Department for Space Exploration
  • Department for Science and Technology
  • Department for Society and Culture
  • Ikinurin Security Agency

Key People[]

Supreme Leader[]

The Supreme Leader is the head of the council and the head of the system. The current SL is Supreme Leader Argesh T'Loam

Deputy Leader[]

The Deputy Leader assists the Supreme Leader in ruling., the current DL is Samara Tandi.

Planetary Representatives[]

The planetary representatives represent each planet in the system at the Council at Lazarus Station.