The Ikinurins (Ikinurin - Singular) are the only sentinent species in the Ikinurin System, and inhabit all the habitable planets in the system.


Ikinurins are warm blooded amphibians native to the planet known as Ikinurin A, or Homeworld before system colonization. The Ikinurins are an all male race and reproduce pathonegenically. The typical Ikinurin has a blueish whiteish complexion.

The average life span of an Ikinurin is 150 Earth Years.


The Ikinurin society is centered around technology, and the study and advancement of it is key, in spite of this Ikinurins are a Type C civilization which means they have not the ability for inter-stellar travel, and have not had contact with other species from different systems.

Religion was abolished by the Ikinurins as they believe it is a distraction from their true purpose, Technology and Science.

Kindness and happiness is key to the Ikinurins society, and they believe each Ikinurin has a specific purpose, be it Politician, Scientist, or researcher. The Ikinurins purpose is discovered at a young age, whilst in school, when they sit a test which designates best fit purpose in society, they have to choice to follow this or go in pursuit of a new purpose.


The language of the Ikinurins is known as Ikin, and is the sole language of the species, variants to exist on colonies and regions of planets.