Illuria is oldest known still existing city in Forium. City was founded 800 000 years ago, it was the capital of Illurian empire. It is located in Inzhinaria.


Illuria was the first known city to be built. When Illurian empire was founded Illuria had 30 000 inhabitants. This proves that in this time Albathur had discovered agriculture. 600 000 years ago Albathur left the city fleeing from attacking Ygurlakk. Then the city stood abandoned for countless millennia, until 5 000 years ago king oredered to restore it.


Currently Illuria is the centre of imigration to Forium. The number of inhabitants grows fast, and in last 60 years population doubled reaching 10 million inhabitants, of which:

  • 6 millions are Immigrants: Alguruk and Ezbyry;
  • 3.5 million are: Ygurlakk and Uzhuri;
  • 0.5 million are: Albathur anf others.