The Imperial Blasters TXMP Series is a series of super-heavy space guns manufactured by the Imperial War Arsenal.

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The Imperial Blaster 67-TXMP as shown on the main battle deck of the Disaster Class ships

Imperial Blasters TXMP Series
Type Ballistic Armour Piercing Heavy Gun
Origin Imperialia
Service History
In Service 800th Imperial Year ~
Primary Users GAOD, GIAF, Imperialia
Production History
Manufacturer Imperial War Arsenal
Produced 798th Imperial Year ~
Rounds Used Heavy Galactic Ballistic Shells
Operational Range 4000 KL - 10 000 000 KL
Elevation -5 degrees - +30 degrees
Armour 2.6 KL thick reinforced steel
Rate of Fire 2 salvos per KS


  • IB TXMP A1
    • The standard blaster, as used on board all battlecruisers.
  • IB TXMP B2
    • A variant that was put out of service one year after commission, due to its risky firing system.
  • IB TXMP C3
    • A heavier and far more powerful version of the IB TXMP A1 and D4. Only used onboard all Disaster Class Ships.
  • IB TXMP D4
    • A smaller and lighter variant of A1 only used for heavy cruisers.

Operation History[]

The IB TXMP is well known around the Venipere System for its ability to scare off the Intergalactic Pirates in the region. Pirate ships tended to be too fast for the standard cannons, but the salvos travel through space fast enough to catch them, hence being able to destroy pirates easily.

849th Imperial Year[]

The IDOSS Disaster sets out on its first journey to seek out a pirate command ship. It hunts the command ship and finds itself in the enemy armada. The IB TXMP fired a few rounds and destroyed the command ship, while the remaining ships fled for their lives. However, on the return trip back home, the Disaster suffers a system malfunction and the fore blaster explodes. Later back home on Veniphon the ship is repaired. The blasters are then upgraded for safety precautions.