The Imperium Marine Corps is the infantry division of the Homar Imperium's military forces. Tracing their history back to the Armed Patriots revolutionary group, the IMC are veterans of the battlefield. The Corps is overseen by the Grand Major, currently Tarkus Zandu, and uses a single ranking system throughout.

The Corps is split into several branches:

  • Planetary Infantry
  • Planetary Armor
  • Space Infantry
  • Terrestrial Security

Planetary Infantry & Armor Branches[]

Originally a somewhat bloated whole, Planetary Infantry and Planetary Armor were split into two branches in recent years; but this single origin has left some overlap and complications. Personnel carriers and support vehicles are typically still administered by Planetary Infantry. In addition, Planetary Armor also contains squadrons of atmospheric craft in addition to its core divisions of tanks and artillery.

Planetary Infantry branch is one of the largest military forces by headcount in the Kasperion Sector. Homar Marines, as they are known, are armed with the Rolker D7 rifle and derivatives. Each Homar-controlled planet has a corresponding division within the PI branch; as such, the strength of a division varies massively. As a prime example: the fearsome Homeland Division, the name for the division attached to Coradyne IV, is over three million strong; while the Coradyne III division is a mere five thousand.

The Planetary Armor branch is largely composed of tracked vehicles powered by fossil fuel combustion engines, due to their rugged reliability and low cost. The MB-20 tank, in various guises, has been the mainstay of IMC planetary forces for over forty years, forming a mobile and plentiful force of fighting machines. PA consists of around fifty divisions, each one fielding several thousand vehicles. Of these, the majority are MB-20 light tanks. A significant number of heavier MDV-9 super-tanks are also present, typically one per unit.

Space Infantry[]

IMC's Space Infantry branch are often seen as Coradyne's finest. As such, they number fewer than those forces that fight Planetside. Room is at a premium on Homar Imperium craft and as such only the most accomplished soldiers can hope to hold a position in the Space Infantry.

Space Infantry Marines are equipped with the TXN-i2 rifle, a cutting edge personal laser weapon that is ideal in the artificial atmospheres and vacuum environments of space combat. They typically fight fully equipped in a zero-g suit with contained breathing apparatus.

Terrestrial Security[]

Terrestrial Security may be larger than the rest of the IMC put together, but its forces are rarely granted much respect or thought of as equals. Terrestrial, as it is sometimes simply known, are taken from the eighty percent that didn't make the grade to be on the front line. This remainder are the bulk of garrison soldiers used to quell border disturbance, put down rebellion and even function as police on most planets. But it is far from a quiet life; corruption and dealings with the mob regularly make it a bloody and unforgiving way to make a living.