Senators of the Independent Coaltion of Systems are individuals who represent their planets in the Independent Coalition of Systems Senate. These senators are the major power in the Independent Coalition of Systems. Senators were elected through a direct popular election on their homeworld. Each planet has the power to decide the length of the term for senators. Each senator has one vote in the Senate.

Senator Planet or sector represented Term Notes Species and gender
Ach, KrisinMa'Paler Flag.jpg Ma'Paler2744 AKR- presentMember of the Loyalist CommitteeIorou Female
Aer, YuralynIdrajenna Flag.png Idrajennac. 2752 AKRJoined the Empire of WorldsDedd Male
Ahista, NatashaCrelina flag.svg Crelinac. 2750 AKRIorou Female
Bryn, IcileIatassa Flag.png Coalition of Iatassac. 2752 AKRIorou Female
Darena, MiretaLusle IIIc. 2752 AKRIorou Female
Eacamac, DereimaSennandira XIV Flag.png Sennandira XIVc. 2752 AKRSenn Female
Eis'hld, Eau'jaCommerce Conglomeratec. 2752 AKRJoined the Empire of WorldsCis Female
Dynre, NanXanycias Flag.png Xanyciasc. 2752 AKRJoined the Empire of WorldsXanyci Female
Generog, IorusAboli Focol Flag.png Aboli Focolc. 2752 AKRIorou Male
Iriti, UsanaYodsni Flag.png Yodsnic. 2752 AKRYod Female
Haidi, IleKrist'ri Flag.jpg Krist'ric. 2752 AKR Iorou Male
Lirev, RotiFlag of Tianonnis.svg Tianonnisc. 2752 AKRTian Male
Netor, ServusFlag of Capital.svg Capital c. 2752 AKRIorou Male
Nokow, Kayr'ylnIGTA Flag.png IGTAc. 2752 AKRReplaced in 2752 AKR. Remained loyal to the ICS.Hir'sten Female
Owen, AdriannaCrelina flag.svg Crelina2744 - 2750 AKRBecame President. Replaced by Natasha AhistaIorou Female
Parker, JaydenTatah Tetel Flag.png Tatah Tetelc. 2752 AKRAssassinated in 2752 AKRAedatani Male
Ro'Har, RitcikMa'Paler III Flag.png Ma'Paler IIIc. 2752 AKRHead of the Loyalist CommitteeMa'palan Male
Shelton, MelissaJeji Flag.svg Jejic. 2752 AKRAedatani Female
Sonder, ValiaAqualis Flag.png Aqualisc. 2752 AKRIorou Female
Suserell, MyaAitini Yeoiti Flag.svg Aitini Yeoiti2738 AKR - presentIorou Female
Syndye, ThomasCrelina flag.svg Crelina2726 - 2744Iorou Male
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