Senators of the Independent Coaltion of Systems are individuals who represent their planets in the Independent Coalition of Systems Senate. These senators are the major power in the Independent Coalition of Systems. Senators were elected through a direct popular election on their homeworld. Each planet has the power to decide the length of the term for senators. Each senator has one vote in the Senate.

Senator Planet or sector represented Term Notes Species and gender
Ach, Krisin Ma'Paler Flag Ma'Paler 2744 AKR- present Member of the Loyalist Committee Iorou Female
Aer, Yuralyn Idrajenna Flag Idrajenna c. 2752 AKR Joined the Empire of Worlds Dedd Male
Ahista, Natasha Crelina flag Crelina c. 2750 AKR Iorou Female
Bryn, Icile Iatassa Flag Coalition of Iatassa c. 2752 AKR Iorou Female
Darena, Mireta Lusle III c. 2752 AKR Iorou Female
Eacamac, Dereima Sennandira XIV Flag Sennandira XIV c. 2752 AKR Senn Female
Eis'hld, Eau'ja Commerce Conglomerate c. 2752 AKR Joined the Empire of Worlds Cis Female
Dynre, Nan Xanycias Flag Xanycias c. 2752 AKR Joined the Empire of Worlds Xanyci Female
Generog, Iorus Aboli Focol Flag Aboli Focol c. 2752 AKR Iorou Male
Iriti, Usana Yodsni Flag Yodsni c. 2752 AKR Yod Female
Haidi, Ile Krist'ri Flag Krist'ri c. 2752 AKR Iorou Male
Lirev, Roti Flag of Tianonnis Tianonnis c. 2752 AKR Tian Male
Netor, Servus Flag of Capital Capital c. 2752 AKR Iorou Male
Nokow, Kayr'yln IGTA Flag IGTA c. 2752 AKR Replaced in 2752 AKR. Remained loyal to the ICS. Hir'sten Female
Owen, Adrianna Crelina flag Crelina 2744 - 2750 AKR Became President. Replaced by Natasha Ahista Iorou Female
Parker, Jayden Tatah Tetel Flag Tatah Tetel c. 2752 AKR Assassinated in 2752 AKR Aedatani Male
Ro'Har, Ritcik Ma'Paler III Flag Ma'Paler III c. 2752 AKR Head of the Loyalist Committee Ma'palan Male
Shelton, Melissa Jeji Flag Jeji c. 2752 AKR Aedatani Female
Sonder, Valia Aqualis Flag Aqualis c. 2752 AKR Iorou Female
Suserell, Mya Aitini Yeoiti Flag Aitini Yeoiti 2738 AKR - present Iorou Female
Syndye, Thomas Crelina flag Crelina 2726 - 2744 Iorou Male