IGTA Flag InterGalactic Trade Alignment
Organizational Information
Led By Consul
Subsidiaries {{{Subsidiaries}}}
  • Hir'stenda System (capital)
  • Eperi System
  • Nardi System
  • Jefej System
  • Ronaa System
  • Ukus System
  • Rasata System
  • Apapa System
  • Kinh Ount System
  • Many Others...
Primary Roles Shipping Corporation
Major Products Shipping Goods, Military Transportation
Political Information
Formation {{{Formation}}}

The InterGalactic Trade Alignment is a Super Corps of the Avopei-Larru Galaxy. The IGTA was founded in 1932 AKR on the planet of Hir'stenda in the Independent Coalition of Systems. The IGTA controls many trade contracts, routes, as well as numerous systems. The IGTA is led by the Consul.The IGTA wields a large amount of power in not only the Independent Coalition of Systems Senate, but the Council of Rulers of the Federated Systems, and the Emperor's Advisors of the Empire of Worlds. The ICS Senator Kayr'yln Nokow represents the interests of the IGTA. Minister Ra'zn Tinsa represents on the Council of Rulers, and Advisor Ois'ul Unac is one of the Emperor's Advisors. The IGTA was founded by a group of Hir'sten, and is still, for the majority, controlled by the Hirs'ten. The IGTA also controls a massive Army and Navy, which is used to protect their financial interests. The IGTA has trade contracts with many systems that are not under direct control. In the three galactic wars, the IGTA has sided mainly with the ICS.