The Interstellar Coordinate System is a system of measurements used by the Darkworlders for nearly three millennia, and is now gaining popularity amongst the rest of the known galaxy.

The ISCS places all known stellar objects on a three-dimension grid map of the Basilicus Prime Galaxy, subdividing the map into sectors for convenience.

An object's coordinates on the map are represented by its distance from the sector's Arbitrary Zero Point(AZP, Arbitrary Navigational Zero, or, simply, Zero ), in the following format:

(Sector Name, X ­x Y x Z)


  • Sector Name is the name of the sector the object is presently located.
  • X is the east-west distance from Zero
  • Y is the north-south distance from Zero
  • Z is the up-down distance(height) from Zero

One determines the distance between two points in a given sector using the following formula:

with the distance measured in Interstellar Coordinate Units or ICUs.