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The Interstellar Launch Code is a system of coding that identifies any and all spacecraft. The ILCs are a set of three letters, and are given to companies which then assign numbers to each spacecraft. Each combination of letters and numbers is unique to the spacecraft. The ILCs are given out by the Interstellar Spaceflight Administration (ISA). Each craft must have this code visible on some part of the craft.


The ILC coding was first designed by the Danouarri Orbital Shipyards, as their products became more used. In 1528 AKR the company standardized the use of numbers for spacecraft in their subsidiary Danouarri Orbital. The Empire of Worlds, the Federated Systems, and the Independent Coalition of Systems quickly took notice and formed the ISA. In 1593 the first launch codes were assigned.


The system is used to keep track of all commercial and freight launches in the galaxy. The system is also used to communicate between the flight and grounds crews. This also allowed for passengers to quickly locate their launch in the sea of thousands of launches at any given spaceport.