The Invasion of the Ancient Empire was part of the Empirical Period Wars. It was a series of swift and overwhelming invasions by the forces of the Ancient Empire of Gyol into what is now the Kingdom of Eris

The invasions were unsuccessfully resisted as the Empire had typical army sizes of 10,000 men, a size never seen before at the time in Eris. Iron at the time was also a commodity of only the most wealthy men in Eris whereas the entire Gyolian army was outfitted with it. Eris was also fragmented into a vast number of petty kingdoms, lordships, duchies and city-states and attempts to stand together only took place on a very regional basis. 

In places such as the Forest of Taeranyus, Empirical troops faced guerilla warfare and unfavourable terrain. In places such as this, the territory was simply ignored as a land area which would take too many men to take and hold and as a place which would add little to the wealth of the empire. Even though the Ancient Empire ad theorum held all of Eris, the Kingdom of Taeranyus existed within it as a completely independent body. 

In less than 10 years all of Eris was subdued and the lands were divided up into three Lordships for the three grandsons of the contemporary Emperor. The Lorship of Sand and Snow had it's capital in Oakyield City and comprised the western seaboard of Eris. The Lordship of Salt and Stone had its capital at Karstus and held the lands in the east north of the summerlands and the island of Direshores. The Lordship of Sea and Summer was the only enduring lordship and had its capital at Summerwood. It held the isles of Rounding Bay as well as the lands east and northeast of them, as well as nominally the forest of Taeranyus. 

For only 50 years Eris would be ruled by the Empire.