Iodwoa Spur
Date Founded 1,846,148 BKR
Founded By Various
Regions Core Worlds
Sectors Galactic Center Sector - Nawge Sector - Kayrie Sector - Aujo Sector - Lebrey Sector - Iena Sector - Jeji Sector
Stellar Bodies Sulladra's Heart
Start Point Silei
End Point Jeji
Planets {{{Planets}}}
Junctions Aehelian Trade Route - Janirnan Superroute - Bera's Way - Avn's Corridor - Silei Connect Line - Ezch Way

The Iodwoa Spur is an ancient trade route that funnels all traffic from Silei to and from Jeji. The Trade Route was completed by several different people in several segments. The last segment was added in 300,145 BKR by Surenella Aehelia, which connected with the Aehelian Trade Route at Jeji.