Ioku Class Freighter[]

Named after a minor god from ancient Wufren mythos, Ioku was the god of pack animals, Ioku is depicted as being over encumbered yet still mobile and vigilant. This is reflected in the ship itself

The ship is constructed to have 2 large cargo bays in the middle of the ship with sub corridors going in between them and connecting the ship. The bridge is in the front of the ship, a spine runs the length of the ship that holds the ship's armaments. It boasts 3 engine, with one being the main driver and the other 2 supplying additional thrust allow the ship to quickly be maneuvered quickly.


The Ioku Class Freighter was designed by Blue Moon Cargo Group . Then contracted out to be built on various worlds.


Cargo Transport: The Ioku class ship was designed to haul cargo.

Smuggling: The Ioku was built to haul cargo, but there are many places on the ships where things can be hidden, and with the large volume of these ships its very easy to get pat check points.

Pirate: A common modification is to add 4 Ryper jet bikes to a cargo hold to allow ship to ship combat or boarding actions.