Ioroball is an important sport within the Independent Coalition of Systems and the rest of Avopei-Larru, perhaps the single most played sport within it. It is also known by a number of other names, such as Ioronasken.

Ioroball is named after the Iorou, its first players. It was created on Crelina.


Ioroball utilises sticks, a disc and a magnetized field. Like many Earthan sports, play consists of two equal halves; each of these is divided into 45 units (like Earthan soccer). Scoring margins are generally also similar to Earthan soccer.

There are 15 players on every team on the field at the beginning of a match (including one goalkeeper), with a further 15 substitutes for each team on the bench. In ICS Ioroball Cup matches, five of these substitutes may be used in one match.

The sticks can be "charged" at "charge points" scattered across the field, which allows them to magnetically pull the disc, with the "charge" lessening the longer the stick is away from a charge point. The disc can also just be hit using these sticks.

Interplanetary competitions[]

The primary interplanetary Ioroball competition within the ICS is the ICS Ioroball Cup. The first edition was held in 15 AKR on Crelina, and the cup has been held roughly biannually since then. The most successful team is the Crelina planetary Ioroball team, which is logical, since Crelina is the origin of the sport.

The other major interplanetary Ioroball competition is the Avopei-Larru Champion Cup (which is not restricted to the ICS), which is for clubs instead of planetary teams.