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Average Height 12.05 MDU
Skin Color White to Dark Brown
Hair Color Brown, Black, Blonde, Red (Most turn gray or white with age)
Distinctions Bipedal
Average Lifespan 75 years[1]
Homeworld Crelina flag Crelina
Language Galactic
Races Various (Crelinic, Sileian, etc.)
Famous Members Adrianna Owen

The Iorou are the most numerous and dominant species in the Avopei-Larru Galaxy. They are also the most politically dominant species in the galaxy. They populate thousands of the systems in colonies and countries of varying sizes. The Iorou are believed to have originated on the planet Crelina and they occupy many occupations, from merchants to farmers. Many of the standards in the galaxy are based on the Iorou because they are the most prevalent species in the galaxy. Iorou is the technical species name, but many members of the species refer to themselves by planetary group (i.e. Crelinc, Sileiian, Jogauan, Nabril, etc.)


Iorou have a centralized torso, with two arms and two legs. The Iorou have perfect symmetry about the center line. The head consists of two eyes, placed above the nose, two ears set back from the face about mid-way to the back of the head. Iorou have mouths placed below the nose. The head also has, in most cases, a covering of hair, usually longer for females, that can range in color with red, blonde, brown, and black being most common, the hair usually changes to gray or white with age. Skin tone varies from very light brown, to very dark brown. The average Iorou becomes able to reproduce at the age of 15, and adult height is usually reached by age 16 for females and 20 for males.


  1. There exists an Iorou organization (within the Independent Coalition of Systems), the Society of Eternity, whose members have become immortal through a classified scientific process. The Society of Eternity makes up a negligible part of the total Iorou population, however, and no immortal Iorou outside the Society are known.