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Iscoron Flag
General Information
Constructed 20 AKR
Destroyed {{{Destroyed}}}
Builder ICS Flag Independent Coalition of Systems
Location Information
Planet Flag of Capital Capital
Continent Gosuris
State {{{State}}}
Climate Temperate
Points of Interest
  • Senate Chamber
  • Rememberance Hall
  • Memorial Way
Societal Information
Population 52 Billion
Affiliation ICS Flag Independent Coalition of Systems

Iscoron is the largest single city on the planet Capital. Iscoron is a city-state that was formed after the Catastrophe of the Star by the Independent Coalition of Systems as its new capital. Since that point the city has become a major population center of the planet and the Core Worlds.

Iscoron lies in the northern part of Gosuris. It also controls a small number of islands near Nerios. Coalition City, the only official city in the state of Iscoron apart from Iscoron itself, is located on one of these, near the delta of the Riuni River.



Following the Catastrophe of the Star, the Coalition was without a capital world. The Senate was currently operating out of the Aqualis Parliament Chambers. The Senate quickly approved a colonization project of a world that would be used only for the purposes of being the capital of the Coaltion. In 20 AKR the Coalition team landed on the site of what would become Coalition City, near the delta of the Riuni River. After a successful landing, the Senate approved a massive construction project to build government buildings on the island. These included a new Senate Chamber, Judicial Hall, President Chambers and a memorial park for those that were killed in the Catastrophe.