Isolia is the fourth planet from the Star Ubain in the Ubain System. It is a gas giant and the second largest planet in the system. While the planet itself is uninhabitable, its many moons have been put to good use with mining operations and colonies to protect the system from unwanted visitors.


Eyrax the moon closest to Isolia. It is very hot, and the surface is covered in volcanoes; there is no atmosphere or life.

Grist the second closest moon. It is hot, with a very thin atmosphere of sulphur dioxide, sulphur monoxide and oxygen.

Axir is the third closest moon. It is used as a base to protect the inner Solar System from invasion. Its surface is covered in a thick layer of ice, under which is a global ocean. Heat from large cracks in the ice heat the base.

Udros home to a mining operation that extracts precious metals from the otherwise desolate satellite.