The Jados System is a star system located in the Erepacus Arm of the Basilicus Prime Galaxy. The Jados system contains two stars, Jados I, and Jados II.


The Jados System is named after the planet Jados Prime, first discovered during an exploration mission to the Basilicus Prime Galaxy.


The Jados System was created approximately —4 billion DT. About —3 billion DT, a group of Antheons traveled to the Jados System and inhabited the planet Jados Prime. About —2 billion DT, about half of Jados Prime had been colonized. A cell group of Antheons, fed up with the growing government of Jados Prime, seceded from the planet and inhabited nearby planets, including Trados and Kados Minor. A group tried to inhabit the planets of Jados Minor and Kados Major, finding that, on their arrival, the planets were actually gas giants.

By about 0 DT, the system of Jados had been completely colonized, with various species inhabiting the planets. By then, a central government had been proposed and was being ratified. However, by 5 DT, the proposal was abolished, and the system went into a full civil war for an unknown reason, killing half of the inhabitants, and driving away the other half. The system lay untouched and uninhabited until the remaining Ge'onn returned to the planet of Jados Prime 19 kda later. Then, they began to rebuild their system. They are currently rebuilding their system, and the system has entered its golden age.


The Antheons inhabited three planets: Jados Prime, Trados, and Kados Minor. Other various species, including the Ge'onn, the Kadoon, and the Haioss, inhabited the remaining five planets. Each planet had their own government, more notable governments being the Jados Empire, the Republic of Trados, and the Grand Monarchy of Kados; however, planets did keep relations with other planets and systems open. Many alliances and unions have been made between the planets. When the Great Jados War began in 5 DT, the system was split between three parties: the Jados Empire, which included Jados Prime and two other planets; the Republic of Trados, which included Trados, Trados II; and the Grand Monarchy of Kados, which included Kados Minor.


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Class A (inhabitable) Planets[]

  • Jados Prime
  • Trados
  • Kados Minor
  • Ge'onn I
  • Kaddon
  • Haioss

Class B (uninhabitable) Planets[]

  • Jados Minor
  • Kados Major
  • Ge'onn II
  • Trados II