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Common Attribution: Jakarr

Categorical Attribution: Jacara valdis

Evolutionary Star System: Sil-Al

Population: 310 million

Civilization class: Type C: Interterrestrial Society

Star Systems of Prominence[]

Sil-Al System Laskot System Ednos System


Jakarr are furred quadrupeds, approximately 25 MDU tall. They reproduce asexually; as a result, their evolution has been slower than that of most species. Their pelts are brightly variegated in the ultraviolet spectrum, which they perceive naturally, though most other species see them as a dull gray. They see in four primary colors: the wavelengths 1.2e-8, 2.4e-8, 8.5e-8, and 1.7e-7 MDU. Jakarr have no digits; all four limbs are hooved. They achieve fine manipulation by means of their snouts and teeth.


A Jakarr cannot conceive unless, while she is in heat, she kills another Jakarr and drinks her blood. For this reason, there is a long tradition of resolving disputes by dueling. Furthermore, Jakarr tend to get along with each other easily outside of the mating season.

The structure of Jakarr society is organized around hereditary lines, with individuals expected to promote the interests of their house and family. A house is always built around a single living common ancestor; if the house elder dies with more than one child, the house splits into two or more separate houses.

The word of the house elder is absolute and binding: to disobey it always constitutes a duel-challenge against a family member of the elder's choice. The defender may be the elder or any of the elder's descendants, but not a descendant of the challenger. A duel of this kind has high stakes: if the challenger loses, then all their descendants must be put to death; and if the challenger wins, then the entire rest of the family must be put to death, making the challenger the new head of what remains of the house.

Jakarr society does not recognize the concept of property: possession is all ten points of the law.

House elders struggle hotly with one other for control of territory, forming alliances only as long as necessary and breaking them as soon as convenient.


The Jakarr anatomy has led them to develop very distinctive user interfaces for their tools. Simple tools that require force often take the form of shoes that slip onto the hoof, such as steel shoes used for striking fires. Fine tools used for precise manipulation, such as scalpels, often have handles shaped ergonomically to the Jakarr snout. Their computers are controlled primarily by voice commands; they have no written language.