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Jeji Spacelines
General Information
Interstellar Launch Code JJS
Founded 1700 AKR
Regional Hubs
  • Actur Spaceport
  • Albarnona Spaceport
  • Egica Spaceport
  • Erias Spaceport
  • Germernius Spaceport
  • Litharica Spaceport
  • Parovya Spaceport
  • Rhodagium Spaceport
  • Ugaia Spaceport
  • Ursarnor Spaceport
Company Information
Fleet Size 1590 (plus 423 on order)
Type(s) of Craft
  • DSC-747
  • DSC-767
  • DSC-787
  • DSC-828i (On Order)
Destinations 1007
Parent Company N/A
Headquarters Nubeva, Aizai,Jeji
Key People
  • Nogushi Arata - CEO
  • Nakasato Takanibu - President
Average Number of Launches 100,000

Jeji Spacelines Co. is a company providing commercial spaceflights across the galaxy. Jeji Spacelines is the third largest spaceline in the Avopei-Larru Galaxy.


Jeji Spacelines was founded by Genji Tomomi in 1700 AKR. Tomomi founded the company on the basis of great spaceflights at reasonable prices. Despite being first founded in 1700, the company didn't begin operations until 1728, due to a shortage of commercial spacecraft. The first scheduled launch was out of Ethica Spaceport to the nearby Albarnona Spaceport on Actandya. Until 1736 the Ethica to Albarnona route was the only route used, however, in 1737 Jeji Spacelines added a route to the Litharica Spaceport on Jogau. The first route across the galaxy was established in 1896, to the Galactic Center Spaceport on Silei. The latest expansion of the Jeji Spacelines routes was the 1000th route, which was to the Namovea Spaceport on Kyuam Prime, in 2750, but would later be removed with the start of the Third Galactic War.


The Jeji Spacelines serves over one thousand destinations as of 2750. The company has five galactic hubs, the Anglundias Spaceport, the Galactic Center Spaceport, Castenona Intergalactic Spaceport, Malji Worldport, and Jihelo Spaceport and Dockyards.


The spacecraft fleet of the Jeji Spacelines consists of 1590 craft. 1000 of these craft are DSC-787's, which are the Danouarri Orbital Shipyards' largest commercial passenger carrier. 400 craft are DSC-747's the company's longest-haul craft. The company currently has orders for 423 craft, which are the newly designed DSC-828i's. The remaining 190 craft in the fleet are DSC-767 luxury cruise liners. Jeji Spacelines is one of the only spaceline in the galaxy to operate an entirely DSC fleet, the other being Danouarri Orbital. Eleven DSC-747 were destroyed in the Sulladra Black Hole Disaster.