The Jgourmond are massive space ships created by the Skäetr to transport colonists and cargo from one planet to another. Although their main use is as freighter transports, they also carry weapons and have strong armor, to fend off any possible attackers.

The Jgourmond automatically produces its own fuel and ammo for its weapons through biochemical processes involving Sjurgh, since the ship is basically a living organism, it can also regenerate lost parts, using a combination of Sjurgh and nutrients.

The outer layer of the Jgourmond, the Cascadus, is composed of a hard keratin-like substance that is able to resist the lack of pressure and heat of space, as well as light damage done by space-based weapons. Below this layer lies another. The Salyphidus layer is made up of organic tissue. This layer has various glands that are responsible for the life support functions in the ship. It maintains the atmosphere, produces a sticky substance in the cargo holds to hold cargo in its place without gravity, and produces food for the Kjark . Inside this lower layer lie tubes that transport substances across the ship as it is needed, including water, Sjurgh, and other nutrients.

The whole ship is controlled by a central nervous system, that the Skäetr are able to control directly or command a Kjark to press the various nerve clusters throughout the ship that activate a simple reflex system, closing and opening doors, closing and opening vascular tubes, etc..

The weapon system is a simple rapid-fire multi-barreled targetable organ that shoots balls of a hard maleable organic substance filled with a naturally produced ship's acid capable of corroding most shipbuilding materials, organic or otherwise.

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