Jumpdrive is a form of FTL propulsion that works by folding space and punching a rift between two points, thereby allowing the craft to pass from one point to the other in a fraction of the time. Note however that the distance between the two points via the rift can never reach zero, and is more often several hundred thousand kilometers; depending on the jump distance and technology used by the drive.

Jump Ratio[]

The efficiency of Jumpdrive systems can be measured by the EUS unit Jump Ratio; which is the ratio of jump range in AV to rift travel time in kilo Ticks (kT) at 0.1 times the speed of light. For example, a Jump Index of 0.5 means that a jump distance of 1 AV will take approximately 0.5 kT (half an Estari day, or 9.72 hours).


Jumpdrive is used by many advanced spacefaring societies. The quality of the drive can vary greatly depending on the technology being used.

User Typical Jump Ratio Max. Jump Range
Estari Collective 0.01 ??
Hexarian Star Republic 0.08 2,000 AV
New Alliance 0.3 300 AV
Homar Imperium 0.4 200 AV
Ocavian Dominion 0.25 500 AV
Ralarian Union 0.2 500 AV
Shikkar Federation 0.2 1,000 AV
Lal Brokar Hive ?? ??
Nakarwi Empire 0.4 800 AV