• Star Name: Kajjar
  • Class: 3.0

Kajjar I, the only habitable planet

  • Average Temperature: 8,202 Kin
  • Mass: 7.14+29 tetrels
  • Radius: 10,489,765 millipars
  • Age: 7.78 billion GY

The Kajjar System is part of the Kirr-Kajj Trade Alliance


Kajjar was colonized by the Kajj and by the time they got there it was generations past and some people were starting to disbelieve the existence of planets at all until they got to Kajjar I, or Nemesis. poetically saying that in the end all that remains is the planet and they expect their race to go extinct on this planet

New Ages[]


The Kajj practice still, the ancient art of Kreet-ma or 'painting of one's soul', it is an abstract art form in which the shapes show how the artist feels


The Kajj have A copy of the Library of Aedor, from the stolen ship, and any books they brought were copied onto tablets


The Kajj play a type of Ball Game in which the five players of each team must get the ball the five miles to the opponent's Burrow

past times[]

ages ago on Maia the Kajj were a peaceful tree dwelling type, and they still are, but in recent years young Kajj live in Communal Homes, in which they shate Rooms, the appeal is that it is near the school


the Kajj eat whatever they can, but are partial to Fish


the Kajj still practice the Bi-Tribe Council Meetings


instead of speaking traditional Kajjiner most young ones either the shorter, more clipped Aedoric or new Kelosian, picked up from some old Aedoric manuals.


The Kajj are Biased against bugs, thinking them disgusting horrors, and kill any they find


The Kajj are prejudiced against genetic engineering


The Kajj still mate only in the mating season, though after generations on a starship, this is arbitrary.


The Kajj still Believe in the Dark one, who watches over them wherever they are

political movements[]

the Aedori were Kajj who refused to go in the ship, and instead went to be 'pets' of the Kirr, they are now classified as being as low as the bugs they live with


The Kajj now Build enormous Domes of Quartz and other rocks like obsidian, instead of the more traditional nests and burrows


The Kajj like Horn music, music played with long low horns that can be heard for miles


Kajj children go through 80 Galactic years of school, until they grow up at 500, then they can take Superior Courses, and become Specialists

media and entertainment[]

The Kajj watch video from nearby star systems like genesehres.


the Kajj are sinking their culture into Kajjar, and hope that the Kelosians and other inhabitants of the Kelos Sector will welcome them, and that they will not be found by the Destroyer