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Kelosian is the most widely used language in the Kelosian Sector of the Basilicus Prime Galaxy. It originated on the planet Crystaldeep in the Kelosian System. Kelosian is the official language of the Congress of Crystaldeep, and many other Kelosian societies use it as an official or primary language. Kelosian is also considered the common language of the Highlord Alliance, and although Helics and Highlords mainly use it as a second language, it is the only language commonly spoken by all three major species within the Alliance. It is worthy to note that the Helic language Ordonian cannot be spoken by Highlords or Kelosians due to biological limitations.

Kelosian evolve from Arnanian, a language developed in what would become the United National Arnanian Trade Association (UNATA). Before the Arrq Invasion in 21997 GST, Arnanian was the most commonly spoken language on Crystaldeep. It was considered the common language between many of the developed nations.

After the Arrqs were expelled from the Kelosian System and the Congress of Crystaldeep was established as a member of the Highlord Alliance, the Congress standardized and renamed the language as Kelosian to match the name of their star system. (The word kelos is an ancient variation of the Arnanian word for "light".) The establishment of Kelosian was one of the many standardization efforts by the Congress, including creation of the Pangalactic Trade Commission and adoption of the Helic System of Units.

Since then, most nations in the Kelosian System adopted Kelosian as their primary language, although to this day some smaller nations adhere to more local customs. Despite that, it is rare to find a Kelosian who does not at least speak it as a second language.


Due to the dispersion of Kelosians throughout the galaxy, many forms of Kelosian have developed. Kelosian languages are classified as:

  • Hollowstaran
    • Hollowstaran proper
    • Malegan
  • Arnanian
    • Standard Kelosian
      • Rannellan
      • Nivallan
    • Notillian
    • Cresian
    • Vendian