Organic technology users, ships are grown rather than built. food is grown from the ship, regenerative hulls w/ chemical shields

Home Planet[]



The Kestari themselves have evolved into a wide amount of chromatic colors from white to purples to greens Kestari come in almost every color. Males tend to be taller than females, yet both have very strong physical abilities. They have two arms, each with a hand with five fingers on it. Two legs with five toes on each foot. Two eye, two ears a mouth and a nose. Kestari tend to have long hair, with very little facial hair.




Rule by the meritorious; a system of governance where groups are selected on the basis of people's ability, knowledge in a given area, and contributions to society.

Current leader[]

(DateStamp 2754) Karin Medril - Basileus - Ruler


Nearly four centuries ago the Kestari were a mechanized industrial society. All of it stopped when they ran out of nuclear fuels which powered their industrial machine, they began experimenting. Ultimately attempting to synthesize nuclear fuel, the Kestari caused an ecological disaster. When a synthesization experiment failed, nuclear particles seeped into the crust of their home planet, Florin, causing most life to die off. After 12 years, they found a way to restore their planet, a type of technology that itself was organic was able to clean the atmosphere and the crust itself. This was the basis of their current society and technology, those that can contribute to their families, cities, planets, ships, or species are awarded positions and status.

Level of technology[]

Organic Technology. Kestari are extremely proficient with Bio-tech.

Using biochemical and electrical technologies the Kestari were able to engineer ships, stations and even buildings from plant life. Energy is transferred through bioelectric conduits, the hull of their ships can regrow if damaged, weapons are biochemical in nature, shields are chemical secretions from the hull and food and air are all made from the ship itself. Kestari Ship Growing

Ships are normally grown on planets, allowing gravity to temper the hull and absorb genetic information from surrounding flora. Ships however can be grown in space, but must be carefully monitored to ensure the health of the ship.


Special organizations[]

Circle of Gaia[]

An organization that is responsible for constructing ships and new technology for the Kestari.

Florin Corps[]

Named after the Kestari home world Florin, the main fighting force of the Kestari uses bio-chemical weapons that generate highly energized plasma bursts, and bio armor that increases muscle and nerve reaction.