Kestari grow their space faring craft from genetically modified seeds. The Kestari have to specifically engineer each seed to grow into a specific ship, however some seeds will never sprout, some will die while they grow, and some will have defects that will cause them to be unusable. This is mostly due to the quality of the seed, and how it was made. Prestigious companies that produce the best seeds with the highest success rate and makes the most consistent product. However, there are those smaller companies and factions that make cheaper seeds yet are of a reduced quality.

Ships are grown on planets, for many reasons. First, The ship themselves can absorb resources from the ground they were planted in; If a ship is too small or young and it takes off from the planet it can die. The ship also will grow stronger if gravity is pushing down on it. Ships that are grown on planets typically don’t get as big as ships grown in space, however they can and do if they're are given enough time, space, and food.

The following is the process that a ship will take from seed to ship:[]

  1. A seed is loaded into a gene splicer to allow it to be modified by Kestari scientists.
  2. Traits and Genes are applied to the seed to grow into the specific ship.
  3. Nutrients and additives are added to the seed itself in order to allow the plant to root quicker and start growing faster.
  4. The seed is removed and sent to the area that it will be grown.
  5. The seed is planted in a large open area, with good access to water.
  6. The ship then has to be monitored to keep track of any defects or deficiencies in the plant.
  7. Around a year into the growing process, most ships will have started to take form and will have started to store both energy and food.
  8. 2 years in the ship will normally have become a full-fledged ship, with functional engines, and life support. The growers can decide to allow it to get bigger or start the chemical reaction that will effectively ignite the engines and cause the roots to disengage from the ship body.

Engines, life support, computers, inertial dampeners, weapons, shields, and other systems are all applied when the seed is being created. The most skilled ship builders can make an exact ship from seed, with almost guaranteed results.