The Kingskeep is a massive fortress situated on Royal Isle in Eris. It is the Seat of Power of the nation and the capital. 


Aenan Sarcrus originally commissioned the building of the Kingskeep on Royal Isle due to its defensive location and personal choice. It is a massive structure. Due to lack of building materials, it was originally done in many different shades and types of rock but Aenan later had it clad in Valian green marble, giving the main keep and impressive appearance. The outer walls and outbuildings were later added in uniform light grey granite blocks. 

The structure gradually grew outwards from a single, nonetheless massive, Keep, to a sprawling array of structures. Thalron I the Peacemaker started the building of the massive curtain wall and left room to spare inside it. Today it forms the outer boundary of the castle.

Size and defences[]

The castle area stretches over a square mile, a massive structute dominating the whole island and much of the lake. The very top tower of the Keep is seven hundred feet above the lake. 

Seven towers rise below the main tower with the banners of each of the seven provinces. The Royal banner was repeated in a huge heavy flag on the top tower. 

Giant crossbows line the walls of the keep and the towers and ballistas, catapults and mangonols were periodically dotted around the castle. The Arsenal Building was stuffed full of ammunition.

Main Buildings[]

The Keep itself containing rooms including the Throne Room, barracks, noble quarters and the Banquet Hall as well as numerous defenses is of course the primary structure. Other noteworthy places are the abovementioned Arsenal Building, the Royal Chapel, the Aurian Barracks where the majority of the Imperial Guard are stationed and the Stable Building. Buildings such as the Halian Keep, Janon Keep and Parthlaoin Keep are where various advisories and ministries are situated as well as quarters.