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Civilization Class Class C
Government Type Councilliary
Chiefs of State Emperors of the Four Armies
Capital City M'imAura (Aura)
System Askurri System
Formation Civil War, which led to the creation of the Four Armies
Alliances Zumhen Confederacy
Population 11,346,340
Largest City M'imAura and suburbs
Official Language H'ihKurr Shririrao'R
Anthem M'sM'imAura S'kis 'S'Kurra
Currency T'A'Skif T'eieo 'eie'Droau
Measurement System Claw, Forearm, Leg, Tail, Aclaw, Length, M'Shuas, S'Irr
Primary Imports Spice
Primary Exports Medical tools, Art, Grain, Orbital Slingshot technology



The small Kurra are the only sapient race that are native to the Askurri System. While the majority of their world is covered in large seas, their biology compensated enough to let them drink very salty water. The Lampmakers are revered as the ones who created the stars in the most popular religion of the Kurra.


Kurra have always been a large part of the land-based life on Askurri V. Even though they generally have a small stature, Kurra are the primary hunters on the small continent. Despite their planet being mostly water, Kurra have only recently begun exploring their oceans, While they are the apex predators on land, they still today respect the sheer size of the larges creature on their planet, the M'likris-Tal'Moreesh. M'likris Tal'Moreesh literally means God Hand. The large five-tentacles monster is over seventy Lengths long. In recent times, Kurra have been exploring their section of the galaxy happily. Step Four: GovernmentEdit

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