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The LRF-20-class long-range fighter is the Stellar Corps' standard long-range fighter design, developed several years before the Rannellan Conflict.

The smallest spaceframe capable of housing an STW drive system, the well-armed and armored LRF-20 serves as the basis for several variants, including the standard PTC Treasury-class corvette and Rumrunner-class heavy corvette and the Stellar Corps' Voyager-class scoutcraft.

The stock LRF-20A is armed with two ultra-heavy spinal-mounted mass cannon, four nose-mounted heavy mass cannon, four interceptor missile launchers and a pair of super-heavy mass torpedo tubes, has a triple set of thrusters propelling it at a velocity of 220 Holds/second and carries a crew of five.

The LRF-20B, built as a field expident during and after the Rannellan War, is armed with six ultra-heavy spinal-mounted mass cannon, six interceptor missile launchers and four super-heavy mass torpedo tubes. It is otherwise similar to the LRF-20A.



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