&nbsp The Latenati are a mutated species that are "native" to the planet Jaitali. The name comes from the ancient Yanhacne word, "latena"; cursed. The Latenati have origins in many species, because they are actually mutated versions of those species.


The Latenati are bipedial creatures that stand several hundred MDU high, and have a muscle capabiltity well over four times their own gargantuan weight. The Latenati do not stop growing, and as they age the Latenati begin to hunch over, and their minds deterioate to just savage instincts. Eventually, the creatures completely fall apart, and waste away. As the transformation progesses, the Latenati develop gigantic claws, and their teeth become jagged. The Latenati can not reproduce, which many consider a good thing.


The Latenati are the mutated form of any species that happens to stumble upon the cursed planet, Jaitali. The transformation begins immediately. The early stages are reletively simple. The first stage is that the creature retains its basic form, but begins to grow to the massive heights. During the day the growth is relatively slow about .15 MDU per day, however, at night the rate increases to 1.88 MDU in one night. This period lasts for about six months, or until the creature is 94 MDU tall, at which on top of the explosive growth, the muscle mass begins to increase greatly, doubling in every few days. The transformation also begins to drain the life from its host, which reduces the life span to only a few years. After about a year, the Latenati are still growing, but they begin to form a curvature of the spine. Throughout this entire process, the brain capacity of the host creature to almost nothing. The entire transformation is the result of a curse brought upon the planet by the Rababraji, in the time of Yanhacne.